Africa Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconoil Africa - The pick of the palms.

  Coconoil Africa was the very first African virgin coconut oil to be imported to the UK. In an exciting coconut growing project, Coconoil have partnered with nearly 200 small holders from five villages in Ghana on the west coast of Africa.

  This innovative project combines eco-friendly farming practices, which include recycling the husks into a natural fertiliser, with ancient farming practices, including methods of cold pressing and the fermentation of the coconut flesh to transform it into a wonderful, healthy virgin coconut oil.  

  All of the by-products produced during the process are utilised in the local villages to feed livestock, fish and to fertilise market gardens. Biogas, produced from the livestock, is harnessed for use in the villages, protecting the local environment from deforestation for the use of firewood.


Coconoil Africa - The Benefits For You.

 Cold pressed               Non-bleached                Anti-fungal

 Non-deodorised           Non-refined                   Anti-bacterial

 Non-hydrogenated       No GMO ingredients    Anti-inflammatory                     Rich in lauric acid       Medium Chain Triglyceride


  Energy boosting and flavour enhancing, Coconoil Africa virgin coconut oil is an excellent stable cooking agent, even at high temperatures, and is ideal for healthier baking, frying, roasting and flavouring. Due to the fermentation process, Coconoil Africa is especially gut friendly as well as containing all the nutritional and well-being properties of a high quality virgin coconut oil.

  As a Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil, Coconoil Africa bears many unique health benefits which distinguish it from the saturated fats found in meat and vegetable oils. Research has proven that MCT's have a positive effect on cholesterol, revving up the enzymes in the body which break down fats, and can lower the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

  Thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, Coconoil Africa is also a brilliant natural beauty product. It has been known to promote healthy skin and hair and is an attractive alternative to commercial beauty products which are often laden with unhealthy toxins.


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Paul Devlin - Head of Strengh & Conditioning Hull FC
Coconoil Virgin Coconut Oil is one the most versatile, effective completely natural nutritional sports supplements that I recommend to all my players. Coconoil is a wonderful energy source for building lean muscle and stamina as well as having health giving properties that keep my players training and playing to full potential all season.".

Amy Williams - Winter Olympics Gold Medalist 2010
"I use a brilliant product called Coconoil, which is a great alternative to other cooking oils. I'll also use the coconut oil instead of margarine on my toast".

Paul Garner - Sale Sharks Head Chef
"The Coconoil product helps give us the nutritional edge over our competitors"