Coconoil Original

Original Coconut Oil

Coconoil Original was the first virgin coconut oil product we imported in 2005 from tsunami struck Sri Lanka as part of our effort to help poor farmers return to work and earn some money, both for themselves and through exports for Sri Lanka. Virgin coconut oil is the highest added value nutritional product produced and therefore maximises the farmers’ incomes from this cash crop.

The coconuts we extract Coconoil Original are mostly grown by small independent farmers, self subsistence farmers, and even householders with coconut palms in the garden. The very best of these coconuts are then bought by our highly experienced buyers who carefully select the finest products they believe will make the finest Virgin Coconut Oil.

Coconoil Original is cold pressed in the same traditional way today as it has been for thousands of years, ensuring that all the truly wonderful benefits of this multi functional oil are completely preserved for our discerning customers.

Coconoil Original is the longest established and most trusted UK brand of virgin coconut oil available today.

Coconoil Organic

Coconoil Organic

Coconoil Organic is a cold pressed, completely natural Virgin Coconut Oil from the sunny shores of Sri Lanka and was introduced to the range in 2007 on the back of huge customer demand.

The coconuts used are grown on carefully selected organically certified plantations from inside Sri Lanka’s highly acclaimed Coconut Triangle located, predominantly, on the West Coast. These plantations are inspected annually by Control Union, a global organisation involved in the organic accreditation of agricultural products.

On the successful completion of rigorous testing of the soils and growing methods used, the plantation is then granted organic certification. Control Union also inspects all the downstream activities including the extraction, packing, and distribution of Coconoil Organic until it leaves Sri Lanka.

On arrival in the UK the overseeing of the Organic status is passed to The Soil Association who, along with DEFRA and The Port Health Authority, ensure the true Organic status of Coconoil Organic.
Coconoil are inspected annually by The Soil Association to ensure that our products are stored properly and that all our import records tally with our sales records before they then issue Coconoil with an Organic Certificate.

You can be absolutely assured that Coconoil is of the highest quality and that all products conform to a strict and rigorous inspection regime

Coconoil Africa

Coconoil Africa

This wild crafted virgin coconut oil is produced from a sustainable co-operative growing project in Ghana, West Africa, and is the very first African virgin coconut oil to be imported to the UK.

Nearly 200 small holders from 5 villages are involved in the wild harvesting of these coconuts. Unique to this innovative project, the coconuts are cracked and the meat extracted in the jungle itself before transported back to the villages by foot.

The husks remain to mulch the palms in order to improve future yields. Once back at the villages the meat is broken down and then mixed with clean water before being hand pressed to extract the oil and water in to large drums. This mixture is then left to settle for about 24 hours, allowing the best oil to rise to the top. This is then skimmed off by experienced workers before it is sent to the factory for testing, processing, filtering and packing.

As this only accounts for about 20% of the original mixture the remaining 80% is also all used in various beneficial ways. The top part of the mixture is used locally as cooking oil whilst the remaining, which still has a good nutritional value, is drained in to large fish ponds and market gardens.

Any leftover meat mash is fed to pigs and chickens which will later produce bio gas for use in the villages, eliminating the necessity for the villagers to cut down the local jungles.
Coconoil Africa contributes to an improved economy for the villagers involved while preserving and improving their environment. Coconoil Africa consumers can then enjoy all of the benefits associated with a very fine virgin coconut oil from Africa.

Your Coconoil

You are probably aware by now that virgin coconut oil is great for your hair, brilliant to cook with and amazing for your health. But if you are left wondering how to best reap the benefits of this entirely natural product then you have come to the right place!

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Virgin coconut oil is an extremely stable cooking which is highly resistant to oxidation even at high temperatures. You can introduce it into your kitchen as a healthier alternative to traditional oils, butters and margarines.

As more people discover, new recipes are continuously being uploaded to the internet. From coffee to chips, this entirely natural product is truly versatile, adding a light, sweet flavour with a subtle nutty hint.

Health and Beauty:

Thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a brilliant natural beauty product. It has been known to promote healthy skin and hair and is an attractive alternative to commercial beauty products which are often laden with unhealthy toxins. Want to introduce this into your regime?
Here are some of the best ways:

  • Body lotion – Nourish and protect your skin. It is safe to use all over your body and will leave your skin feeling smooth.
  • Hair care – is a brilliant natural hair conditioner and is also great for your scalp.
  • Makeup remover – is an effective makeup remover and will leave your skin feeling clean and moisturised.
  • Natural Sunscreen – Thanks to its antioxidant properties, helps to prevent the skin from burning and blocks dangerous UV radiation.
  • Weight loss – As a medium chain triglyceride, is easy to digest and is sent directly to your liver where it is converted into energy as opposed to being stored as fat. It stimulates you metabolism, leaves you feeling fuller for longer and therefore aids weight loss.
  • Oil pulling – This ancient technique will fight tooth decay, protect your enamel and kill bacteria which may cause infection.